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Virtual Enrollment Navigator


Vance™ is our Virtual Enrollment Navigator -- basically, he's your new best friend.

Vance™ walks Patient's through our online enrollment process, and submits their application directly to Medicaid. From there, you have insight into the Patient's coverage status, as well as a snapshot of your entire Medicaid population. 

Want to see our text notifications & virtual re-enrollment?


Provide us your mobile phone number and Vance will send you a text message with a demo version of our virtual re-enrollment so that you can experience firsthand the ease of use that you can provide your patients.


  • Fast & easy Online Enrollment
  • Timely lapse notifications
  • Fully automated patient outreach
  • Saves time for patient & provider
  • Submits application directly to Medicaid
  • Engages & converts self-pay patients
  • Increases enrollment rates
  • Decreases un-covered visits
  • Provides coverage management for individuals who traditionally manage their own coverage