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You're Paid for the Past.
They're Covered for the Future.

Full-Service Medicaid Coverage Management

Align Incentives. Consolidate Vendors. Improve Patient Experience.

ONLINE ENROLLMENT Using PointCare's virtual enrollment navigator, VANCE, patients are guided through a secure and speedy enrollment process.  

Automatically monitors self-pay encounters and notifies you if they are eligible for Medicaid reimbursement.

SELF-PAY CONVERSION Engages patients that are qualified and without coverage, enrolling them in Medicaid & allowing for reimbursement.  
LAPSE DETECTION Monitors the coverage status of your Medicaid population, providing alerts to you and the patient when coverage is lost.  
PATIENT OUTREACH Patients receive text messages with a link to online enrollment, and follow-up phone calls for additional assistance.  
APPLICATION SUBMISSION Completed Medicaid applications are submitted directly to the state's Medicaid office, and processed on patients' behalf.  
Four Simple Steps Lead to


Our newest feature combines retroactive revenue recovery, with the proactive power of PointCare.
Upload Upload a list of your recent uncovered & self-pay encounters.
Monitor We monitor your patients to see if they've gained Medicaid coverage, enabling reimbursement.
Outreach We reach out to your uncovered patients, getting them enrolled in Medicaid.
Manage Once a patient is covered, we manage their coverage and notify them if they lose coverage.
Provide your Patients Easy and Convenient Online Enrollment

Meet VANCE™️

  • Your Virtual Enrollment Navigator
  • Expands your enrollment team
  • Provided via text message to patients without coverage
  • Provides secure online enrollment environment
  • Can be used by patients & enrollment teams
  • Submits Medicaid applications directly to Medicaid on patients' behalf
Ready to Automate your Medicaid Enrollment?


Let's discuss the challenges you're facing and work together to develop the best solution for you and your patients. 

Managing Coverage for 850,000+ Medicaid Patients

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