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Make Enrollment Work for You

Save Time and Money with PointCare's Proactive Coverage Management Platform
CUSTOM BUILT Connects FQHCs with the capability to manage their Medicaid and self-pay populations

Provides enrollment staff with data that enhances the relationship between patient and provider

EMPOWERMENT FOCUSED Enables patients to take control of their Medicaid status and experience

Generates powerful reports and analytics for business insights and decision support

Lapse Detection

Get timely, payer-agnostic alerts when members fall out of Medicaid coverage so you can take action quickly


  • Know when your members fall out of Medicaid coverage
  • Proactively get lapsed members re-covered before they show up to your clinic uninsured
  • Provide a member benefit, as many patients are unaware that their coverage has lapsed

Screen & Enroll

Industry-leading technology screens public coverage programs and connects your membership with eligible public benefits


  • Screening can be done by enrollment staff or completed “self-serve” by members
  • Results are available in any language, and can be emailed or text to members with the click of a button
  • Easily launch application tracking directly from the platform's screening results

Coverage Intelligence

Get a continuous view of your entire populations’ coverage


  • Answer questions like:
    • How many people are covered?
    • How many people gained coverage in a given month?
    • How many people fell out of coverage in a given month?
  • EHR Interoperability allows for real-time updates via HL7 messaging

Virtual Enrollment Navigator

  • Expand your enrollment team with Vance™, your Virtual Enrollment Navigator
  • Turn 1:1 patient interactions into scalable, digital member experiences
  • Provide a private & safe virtual enrollment environment, with a personalized and conversational experience
  • Put coverage management in the patients’ hands

Choose the Best Plan for Your Business


Obtain and retain coverage in a proactive manner with timely and continuous patient insights and alerts.

  • Screening
  • Lapse Detection
  • Coverage Intelligence
  • Reporting  


Boost enrollment through member engagement with automatically triggered messaging capabilities.

  • All Starter Features
  • Automated Patient Messaging


Replicate your team's enrollment efforts with scalable automation that gets applications submitted and approved.

  • All Professional Features
  • Virtual Enrollment Navigator, Vance™

Let's Work Together

Finding the best solution to your enrollment challenges is our specialty.