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PointCare’s goal is to help health systems find coverage for self-pay patients. Accurate qualifications lead to more approvals and more covered visits, resulting in more revenue. Our data shows that when you qualify everyone with PointCare, approval rates increase 53%. We have products to meet the needs of Hospitals, Clinics, and Revenue Cycle Management organizations.

Qualify API: Integrate PointCare’s Qualify into your own systems. Get all of the features of Qualify, including 90-second screenings for all programs and benefits nationwide.
  • Quickly implement with API documentation
  • Eliminate the need to track the 2000+ changes to enrollment programs each quarter; PointCare keeps an up-to-date database
  • Improve approval outcomes by providing application details and checklists to patients via text, email or print
  • Report on critical qualification data across locations

This developer friendly API now has a 15-day trial.

Total Enrollment Management (TEM): Manage the entire enrollment process from end-to-end.
  • Qualify patients in 90 seconds for all programs and benefits
  • Easily manage the enrollment process with centralized data including screening results, enrollment tasks and automatic Medicaid verifications. Maximize approvals and improve patient satisfaction
  • Integrated reporting lets you share data and improve operational efficiency

Save thousands of hours of training with this easy to implement software that guides teams through the enrollment process.