How We Work

How We Work

We listen to our customers and build what they want. Because we are so hyper focused on helping health systems offer a pleasant enrollment cycle that is consistent, transparent and transferrable, it allows us to focus on this specific use case and this use case only. As it turns out, every health system has an issue with managing member coverage and tracking this effort throughout. Quite frankly nearly all health systems suffer when it comes to data quality, so we fixed it.

We are an agile software development company, constantly re-prioritization in order to deliver high quality product our customers are happy to use and share feedback.

But building software is only the beginning. Our Customer Success Team has implemented simplified Enrollment Cycles in over 600 health system locations (as of 2018). They are your Enrollment Cycle Masters. Each contract comes with a dedicated Customer Success Advisor intimately aware of your process, people, and data. Ask them anything and expect unmatched service and a customer experience.

How We Help

One thing is for certain. Our customers struggled to improve their Enrollment Cycle before learning about PointCare. The issue is that an all inclusive Enrollment Cycle platform has never existed until now. Check out our customer feedback page  to hear directly from them.

If you are looking to offer a consistent, transparent and transferable Enrollment Cycle, contact us today.

Before PointCare

  • No data on how many uninsured patients qualify for Medicaid.
  • Inconsistent productivity figures by staff and department.
  • Weeks to prepare reports for management and executives.
  • Manual (or no) effort to approve Medicaid applications.
  • Want to do better but have difficulty implementing a process that is effective and data rich.

After PointCare

  • Know exactly how many uninsured patients qualify.
  • Consistent enrollment figures by department and staff.
  • Dashboard reporting on productivity and results  for managers and executives.
  • Automated approval notifications for Medicaid.
  • Perform better and can easily identify areas for improvement.


My PointCare Experience with Mission East Dallas?”

PointCare gives the ability to redistribute where their financial concerns are. When a patient can get assistance in non-medical areas and off-set other costs on a day-to-day living, patients can move forward with treatments for care that they would have otherwise put on hold due to financial concerns.