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Do you want to transform healthcare and help people at the same time? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, you might just be our next team member!

PointCare’s mission is to make public health coverage work for the 75M Americans who can’t afford healthcare and don’t know how to access it properly. We do this by transforming how providers manage millions of patients annually, and we believe that fixing problems in coverage management will increase the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Every day we come to the office hyper-focused on understanding public coverage and finding ways to reduce cost in our healthcare system through transparency, data, and software.

We’re committed to changing healthcare as we know it, learn why.

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PointCare gives the ability to redistribute where their financial concerns are. When a patient can get assistance in non-medical areas and off-set other costs on a day-to-day living, patients can move forward with treatments for care that they would have otherwise put on hold due to financial concerns.