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Keep Your Members

Proactive Coverage Management with Medicaid Lapse Detection and Virtual Re-Enrollment

PointCare Manages Millions of Medicaid Patients.

2,800,000+ Patients

Good Health Starts with Coverage

While FQHCs are businesses and revenue is crucial to the quality of care a clinic is able to provide, at the end of the day, healthcare is the business of people. Keeping people Healthy. Keeping people Happy. And with PointCare, keeping people Covered. 

AltaMed Case Study

Faced with the reality of 7,000+ members dropping out of Medicaid coverage every month, AltaMed knew they had to transform their re-enrollment process. 

Learn how PointCare enabled AltaMed to take a proactive approach to Medicaid Coverage Management, protecting revenue for their clinics, and continuity of care for their patients.

Embrace the Culture of Coverage

More than two million patients have benefited from our platform across a national network of providers.

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