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Why it is time to invest in your enrollment department


Converting self-pay patients quickly results in more covered visits, more revenue and higher patient satisfaction scores.


Adapt to the ever-changing coverage landscape, instantly.

PointCare is a breakthrough coverage management platform for enrollment teams – allowing them to accurately qualify and enroll patients into coverage, faster.

With Total Coverage Management (TCM) the enrollment process is further streamlined with automatic alerts when patients are approved or have fallen out of coverage. This results in quicker reimbursements, more PCP selections and covered visits, as well as stronger patient relationships.

Over 10,000,000 Qualifications and Counting!

PointCare users have converted millions of patients from self-pay to covered.

1,300 Programs Managed

Qualify your members confidently knowing your approval rate will increase. PointCare is the only platform with up-to-date information on EVERY public and private coverage program managed by our in-house eligibility experts.

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1,000s of Training Hours Saved

Hire and spin up a new enrollment user instantly. PointCare eliminates the need to research local programs and eligibility rules.

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Approval Notifications

PointCare closes the communication gap between health systems and payers with automatic approval notifications! Stop scrubbing websites and notify patients of an approval even before Medicaid does.

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Anchor Members

Clinics can connect newly covered members to your clinic before Medicaid automatically assigns them elsewhere. Get rewarded for the work you do!

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Retain Members

Clinics can execute Member Coverage Management for redeterminations, coverage churn, and PCP selections. PointCare’s Enrollment Intelligence tells you what to do and when to do it.

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Measure Success

Understand exactly how many self-pay patients qualify for coverage, identify your revenue opportunity, track progress, and increase conversions. PointCare’s Customer Success team works closely with you to analyze dashboards, set goals, and offer a pleasant Enrollment Cycle to your patients.

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  • “PointCare has helped improve our self-pay patient process and, most importantly, has increased our patient satisfaction levels. Thanks to PointCare, we are able to live out Sharp’s goal to offer quality care and programs that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations, and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective, and accessible manner.”

    Gerilynn Sevenikar, VP of Revenue Cycle

    Sharp HealthCare
  • “With PointCare, I am able to go into my dashboard and have a graph ready on my team’s productivity. I am able to manage my team across 9 location and identify areas of opportunity by looking at the data comparing what they are doing this year to last year. This enhances our operational productivity and gives me better visibility into our processes.”

    Cyndi Ozuna, Healthcare Navigator & Outreach Supervisor

    Omni Family Health
  • “We’re starting to see progress on our goals in the numbers. We’re starting to see that we’re screening everyone so we can see what they’re eligible for. We’re also starting to see “what our real volume is. I’m realizing that I need to look at my staffing model, and it leading to some cool and unique questions.”

    Dr. Heather Esquivel, CEO

    Mission East Dallas
  • “Not only are we paperless and off the manual process, but we found that we were under-reporting assists! Now, our patients are saying they are able to get referrals to specialists, they weren’t before, but now they have coverage!”

    Lisa Barrera, Enrollment Supervisor

    Vista Community Clinic
  • As an FQHC we all have limited staff and resorces, so finding a way to expand your enrollment services is really important. That’s why I would recomend PointCare to my peers becuase it’s like getting an extra sfatt member or more!

    Brenda Mclaughlin

    Vice President of Finances
  • We can use that time we saved by automating the enrollment cycle (with PointCare) to educate the patient, and do even more outreach.

    Paula Tomko


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