Our Story

PointCare began in 2012 as a result of a simple observation: access to healthcare starts with finding the right health coverage. This realization led our founders, Phil Lebherz and Everett Lebherz to create PointCare as a solution to provide patients with greater access to coverage – encouraging a “no barriers” approach to healthcare.

Our ultimate vision is to deliver a simple and secure solution to empower every participant in the healthcare system with the most advanced, trusted, and accurate coverage management platform; making healthcare access easier for the entire nation.


We’re committed to changing healthcare as we know it, learn why.

Operations team
Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response I got each time I helped someone discover their health coverage eligibility, I knew this was something I wanted to do for a long, long time.

– Elizabeth Lebherz, Product Administrator 



I love the challenge of becoming an expert in the field and keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to upcoming policy changes and the current and future needs of our customers.

– Karrie Pingle, Senior Solutions Advisor

Customer team
I was amazed at what PointCare did for individuals who had little to no knowledge of how to obtain health coverage. Being a mission-driven organization and fostering a “sky’s the limit” culture on how we could impact underserved communities gives me the confidence to know I made the right decision joining the PointCare team.

– Denisia Silva, Sr. Customer Success Advisor 



Our customers are the best. Not only is their level of gratitude and appreciation for what we do unparalleled, but it is what they do for the betterment of our community that is truly inspirational. 

– Greg Wong, VP Product Management 

Engineering team
The technical members of the team work tirelessly to implement the vision of coverage made simple and total coverage management such that the end result is a seamless and efficient application that helps bring healthcare to those who need it the most.

– Ritika Sharma, Senior Software Engineer



I’ve worked for a number of companies but never one that could truly change the quality of life for someone. PointCare can help change people’s lives by getting them access to the health coverage they need so they can get the health care they can’t otherwise afford. I want to use my engineering powers for good rather than making some stock go up by a quarter of a point.

– Donald Hansen, Chief Architect