Optimize Coverage. Optimize Engagement. Optimize Revenue.

“ChapCare is a big believer in utilizing technology to improve access and efficiency. Just the ability to be able to screen people via an iPad at community venues has proved invaluable to get people into care.”

— Steven Abramson


“PointCare has helped us improve our self-pay patient process and, most importantly, has increased our patient satisfaction levels. Thanks to PointCare, we are able to live out Sharp’s goal to offer quality care and programs that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner. ”

— Gerilynn Sevenikar

Sharp Healthcare

“We needed to measure the effectiveness of our CEC staff converting uninsured patients to an insured status. PointCare came to the table willing and able to listen to our needs and to implement those solutions into the product.”

— Michelle Monroe

Vista Community Clinic

“It’s very easy to use. To have the ability to screen and follow up is very beneficial. Also, the aggregating of all the data in the reports is extremely helpful to provide for grants and government reports.”

— Linda Matessino

Innis Community Health Center

“Being able to maintain information in the system so that we can reach out to patients in the future has been huge. Also our patients (and we included) didn’t know all the programs that were available to them.”

— Nannette Bester

Southeast Community Health Systems