Adapt to the ever-changing coverage landscape, instantly.


PointCare is a breakthrough coverage management platform for enrollment teams – allowing them to accurately qualify and enroll patients into coverage, faster.

With Total Coverage Management (TCM) the enrollment process is further streamlined with automatic alerts when patients are approved or have fallen out of coverage. This results in quicker reimbursements, more PCP selections and covered visits, as well as stronger patient relationships.

Over 1,000,000 qualifications and counting

1,300 Programs Managed

PointCare is the only platform with up to date information on EVERY public and private coverage program managed by in house eligibility experts.

1,000 Training Hours Saved

PointCare reduces the time eligibility managers spend training for new programs and automatically notifies you when programs are approved eliminating the need for manual follow-up.

94% Approved into Coverage

PointCare’s Total Coverage Management Platform simplifies the process allowing for more accurate qualifications getting approved into coverage. More covered visits means more revenue for your health system.
“Since implementing PointCare, we have streamlined our enrollment process – creating not only a better patient experience but also increasing our revenue with more covered visits and less time spent training our enrollment managers. With PointCare, we get information for every public and private coverage option, which is crucial for our diverse patient population.”

Alex Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance Medical Center
“PointCare has helped improve our self-pay patient process and, most importantly, has increased our patient satisfaction levels. Thanks to PointCare, we are able to live out Sharp’s goal to offer quality care and programs that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations, and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective, and accessible manner.”
Gerilynn Sevenikar, VP of Revenue Cycle, Sharp HealthCare
“With PointCare, I am able to go into my dashboard and have a graph ready on my team’s productivity. I am able to manage my team across 9 location and identify areas of opportunity by looking at the data comparing what they are doing this year to last year. This enhances our operational productivity and gives me better visibility into our processes.”
Cyndi Ozuna, Healthcare Navigator & Outreach Supervisor, Omni Family Health
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