Product Overview

Screening in Less than 90 Seconds:

  • ACA-Exchange Eligibility (Both Subsidized & Non-Subsidized)
  • Additional Private Plans (Individual, Group, COBRA, etc…)
  • Several Thousand Public Programs (Medicaid, CHIP, Cancer Assistance, etc…)
  • Premium & Prescription Assistance Options & Available Tax Credits

Enrollment Tracker:

  • Enables Quick Initiation of the Enrollment Process
  • Maintains Documents in a HIPAA-Compliant Environment
  • Provides the Needed Follow-Up Steps for Enrollment Completion

 Dashboard Reports:

  • Real-Time Reporting on Assists & Enrollments
  • Instant Identification of Patient Demographic Information
  • Ability to Track Staff Performance on Screenings & Enrollments

Easy to Use—Requires Minimal Staff Training & No Additional Workforce

Web-Based—Works on Any Device with Internet Access & Can Be Set-Up Quickly