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The End of PHE

Millions of Patients are Losing Coverage. We Can Help.

It's Time to Automate your Coverage Management

Provide a Proactive Medicaid Experience
Protect Clinic Revenue
Promote Continuity of Coverage

PointCare Managed

LAPSE DETECTION PointCare automatically detect's patient's Medicaid lapses and takes action for you.

PointCare initiates contact with patients, notifying them of their loss of coverage.

VIRTUAL ENROLLMENT PointCare's Virtual Enrollment Navigator automatically submits re-enrollment applications.

PointCare provides you with your monthly lapse rate & re-enrollment rates.

PointCare Proactive Suite

Automated identification of patient's Medicaid coverage lapse.
Automatic outreach to your patients via text message.
Provide Virtual Re-Enrollment Navigator access to patients.
Lapse Detection
Coverage Intelligence
Patient Messaging
Virtual Enrollment Navigator
* Pricing is per Medicaid member/month.

Ready to Learn More?

Connect with a PointCare expert to explore Coverage Management.

Speak with our team about Proactive Coverage Management and explore options to automate and streamline your patient's Medicaid re-enrollment experience.