FEMA Programs Added to PointCare to Support Relief Efforts

In response to the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, PointCare has added temporary resources to our database for individuals who live in the affected counties.

If individuals are screened in these counties, they will be provided with information on FEMA resources available to them, the contact information, and everything they need to sign-up. Below is an overview of the programs we’ve added to PointCare’s coverage management platform.

FEMA Disaster Assistance (Individuals & Household Program): Provides financial and direct services to eligible individuals and households affected by disasters who have uninsured or underinsured necessary expenses and serious needs. IHP is not a substitute for insurance and cannot compensate for all losses caused by a disaster; it is intended to meet the survivor’s basic needs and supplement disaster recovery efforts

FEMA Transitional Sheltering Assistance: Provides short-term lodging assistance for evacuees who are not able to return home for an extended or indeterminate period of time following a disaster. FEMA will pay for the cost to stay in certain hotels or motels for a limited period of time. Costs covered are for the cost of the room and taxes, and any other expenses are not included.

At PointCare, we take pride in having a platform that allows us to support communities when they need it the most. We wish for a speedy recovery of those devastated areas and send good thoughts to everyone affected by the recent hurricane.