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Product Updates 12.29.16

Work queue user filter.  With this update, you will be able to filter your work queue by tasks assigned to you, your colleagues or unassigned tasks. Note: This feature only allows you filter by PointCare user and not by member profile. Mine: tasks assigned to you Unassigned: tasks that have not yet been assigned to anyone Tasks assigned to a specified PointCare user Click

Product Updates 12.14.16

Medi-Cal SB75 Update (for users in California) We've made it even easier for you to track enrollment activity for Medi-Cal children who qualify under SB-75. With this latest update, we broke down Medi-Cal into two programs: Medi-Cal and Medi-Cal (SB-75). Now, when you screen a child in California, if they meet the requirements for SB-75, you will be presented with the Medi-Cal (SB-75) program.

Grant Drought & Other 2017 Healthcare Predictions

With the new federal administration in place, changes in the healthcare industry are coming and impacting every aspect of the spectrum. Community Health Centers in particular will face new challenges in 2017. Below are few of the changes we are predicting to take place in the market affecting our FQHC partners in the coming months: Is grant drought on the horizon? There is always the

Product Updates 10.25.16

Make way for MRNs.   In an effort to achieve interoperability, we have launched the ability to enter Medical Record Numbers (MRNs) into the system. This field will make it possible to match records from an EHR.  In addition to adding MRNs, you can search by MRNs too! Two ways to add an MRN: Enter the MRN when entering their contact information after an

Product Updates 10.11.16

Tracking Assists   PointCare has the ability to track the number of assists made by user. PointCare tracks assists using automatic tracking and manually inputted assists. Automatically tracked assists include:  screening a member, selecting a program or changing an enrollment status. To manually add an assist: Go to the profile of the member you are assisting In the notes section of the profile, make a

Product Updates 9.27.16

Enrollments, organized.   Filter enrollment cards by active and inactive status on the member's profile page. Active - started, submitted, and approved status Inactive - denied and cancelled status All - All enrollments for the member Click image to enlarge Hunt for duplicate records. When entering new member information you will now be alerted for any possible duplicate records

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Implement a coverage management platform that allows you to adapt to the ever-changing coverage landscape. Fill out the form below to connect with one of our expert Solutions Advisors today! Despite the expansion of the Affordable Care Act, 1.5 million people in Los Angeles county still remain uninsured. See how organizations are using PointCare to address this issue in the full

Product Updates 9.13.16

Add a program without screening. Already know your patient is eligible or enrolled in specific programs? You now have the ability to add members to a specific program without screening. To access this feature:   Navigate to a patient's profile page  Click add programs Search for the program you would like to add by entering your patient’s zip code and name of the program 

2016 CHI Recap: Reminder of Resiliency

The 2016 Community Health Institute and Expo (CHI) brings together the nation’s most innovative community health center (CHC) leaders and organizations (including our clients) - all in one place. Needless to say, PointCare was in good company in Chicago this year! Each year’s conference highlights how far the industry has come but also how far we still have to go. CHCs continue to face several

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