Associate Product Manager

Do you want to transform healthcare and build an amazing product that helps millions of people at the same time? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, you might just be our next Associate Product Manager.

PointCare’s mission is to make public health coverage work for the 75M Americans who can’t afford healthcare and don’t know how to access it properly. We do this by transforming how providers manage millions of patients annually, and we believe that fixing problems in coverage management will increase the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.  

Every day we come to the office hyper-focused on understanding public coverage and finding ways to reduce cost in our healthcare system through transparency, data, and software.

This role will report to PointCare’s VP of Product. Product Management contributors at PointCare act as teammates, facilitators, product experts, and curators of healthcare domain expertise who guide and drive product investment decisions.

First 30 Days
During the first 30 days, you’ll focus on learning by:

  • Diving deep into our product, learning its features and its structure.
  • Learning our process and how we create value, from implementation to integration.
  • Developing and testing your knowledge of our industry and its regulations.
  • Learning our User Personas through data, customer visits, and internal discussions.

First 90 Days

Within the first 90 days, you’ll use that foundation of knowledge to:

  • Help capture and manage customer enhancement ideas to help us build stronger solutions in the future.
  • Grow customer value and increase revenues by working on specific enhancements.
  • Produce documentation that generates understanding and high value.
  • Work on making updates to our Product Roadmap.
  • Ensure that our KPIs are tracked and serve to inform our decisions.

Within 6 Months

By the time 6 months has gone by, you’ll be well on your way to:

  • Delivering data and insight to help engineers and executives make product decisions that drive our Product KPIs.
  • Implementing improvements to our process for turning ideas and issues into a living Product Roadmap.
  • Working with engineers in Agile teams to deliver Product Roadmap items.
  • Ensuring quality by working with PointCare customers to validate features.
  • Acting as a subject matter expert for PointCare teammates.
  • Helping to increase the efficiency of our team’s processes.

Key Skills and Characteristics

  • You’re articulate, knowledgeable, and have an eye for detail.
  • You understand Salesforce Community Cloud.
  • Agile software development is comfortable territory for you.
  • You possess passion, energy, and empathy.
  • You make quality and simplicity your mission.
  • When you persuade, you love to use data.
  • Details, and taking care of them, are your thing.
  • You want to be part of building the best product on the planet.

To apply to be part of our team, send a persuasive package of information to