In the last few months, it seems that the only thing certain in healthcare is uncertainty itself. As the House Republicans officially introduced their repeal to Obamacare this week, many in the health community are wondering how the restructuring will affect their funding, programs and patients’ coverage.

While we cannot control the political climate and its effects on our clinics and health systems, at PointCare, we are striving to provide stability for our partners, pioneering coverage management so that no matter what the health system becomes, it is readily available and accessible to eligible patients – creating our own control group for healthcare.

In January’s issue of Health Affairs, Dr. Lisa Simpson, the president and CEO of AcademyHealth, and nationally recognized health policy researcher and pediatrician, addressed how innovation within healthcare can help bridge the disparities in health equity and aim for innovation, especially during uncertainty.  She states, “As researchers, we really are still in the infancy of a new way of thinking about and using massive streams of new information to inform our work, and there remains a need for new methods and collaborations to extract actionable insights from new and newly available data sources.”

With the ability to manage and invest in data, Total Coverage Management is at the forefront of creating proactive ways to stabilize/enhance the patient experience, especially considering the fluidity of governmental changes to come.

As health centers prepare for a “new” healthcare system, it is important now more than ever to connect patients to coverage, provide quality care and secure revenue across the board.

–  Flannery Davis | Solutions Advisor, PointCare