With Valentine’s Day falling on the first day of the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) Quality Care Conference, love was definitely on our minds…and so was data.

The importance of data was the overarching theme at this year’s conference held in Newport Beach. Given tighter funding constraints, as well as the uncertainty engulfing healthcare under the new administration, the story data tells will have an even bigger impact throughout health systems in the coming months. “Being more data driven and securing our own revenue is absolutely key,” explained Carmela Castellano‐Garcia, Esq., President and CEO of the CPCA.

Seeing what the data tells us today and what it will look like six months from now, and being adaptable to change, is what will make community health centers successful for years to come. Using PointCare, health centers have the ability to visualize and understand the data that’s most important to them, including up-to-date coverage stats on all patients, patient churn (how many fall out of coverage each month), assists, enrollments, and other HRSA-required metrics. From this data, health centers can then have the insight to craft the story they want to (and need to) tell.

During the Welcome Address at the conference, Carmela stated, “with the data, we are able to identify successes and opportunities for improvement across the board and improvement are what we need to be about in this day and age.”

With PointCare Verify, health centers are able to see which members are getting enrolled into coverage and, more importantly, which are falling out of coverage – prompting staff to proactively reach out to those members to help them get covered once again. This creates value for health centers by securing revenue through more covered visits. By taking a more proactive approach to coverage, they are not only building an enhanced operational relationship with the data they already collect, but are also establishing a better, more engaging relationship with their patients.

As we begin to collect more data and better understand key metrics affecting health system success, a more exceptional story will unfold. Just as love grows deeper as more positive experiences occur and more connections are made, the innovation of gathering meaningful data combined with the impactful and positive work health centers are already doing will make for the ‘happily ever after’ story that health centers can tell for years to come.


–  Maricel Risano | Marketing Lead, PointCare