Duplicates, managed.  

At PointCare, we are dedicated to ensuring your data is safe, secure, and accurate. We developed the manage duplicates feature to further deliver on our promise to our clients.

This feature will allow clients to find duplicate accounts in PointCare and merge them into a single account to create an even more accurate database.

To manage your duplicates:

  • Navigate to the Actions Tab, Select Manage Duplicates
  • Review the list of potential duplicates
  • To Merge a pair of profiles, select Start Merge
  • Select parts of the profile you would like to keep, then click Submit Merge
  • If the pair of profiles are Not Duplicates, simply select Not Duplicates and they will be removed from the list

Download all, anytime.  

For customers with access to secure files, you now have the ability to pull your Download All (Enrollment Activity) Report on your schedule. To access your report, watch the training video, and follow the steps below:

  • Login into your PointCare Dashboard
  • In the top navigation bar, click Dashboards
  • In the list of Dashboards under the search bar, select the report name Your Organization Name – Download All
  • Here you will see your Download All report.
  • To Export the Data as an Excel File:Navigate the menu icon on the top right corner of the table Select Download CSV
  • This will start an automatic download of the file

Pro Tip: You can change the report range by adjusting the “Filters” located below the report title.